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On Air

Late Night Death
Tuesdays 10PM-12AM

KGRG FM's home for Metal (10 years)


Playing a savage beating of metallic mayhem this includes: black, death, thrash, power, metalcore and anything else with metal.

with: Killing Spree


Daily Dysfunction

A morning talk show for the average Joe, live from Green River and through the tubes of the interwebz. 

with: Chuck, Gabe ,
Big Joe, & Hopper

Check out there youtube channel for a segment you might have missed.


The Post
Thursdays 7PM-10PM

Inspired by guitar pedals, shoegaze and post-rock, we're a music show with a focus on DIY, independent, rock and emo based instrumentals. We play THE MOST new and local music by finding rock that's soothing. Each week we have a theme that ties everything together, from personal stories to music news, live acoustic sessions, interviews and more.  

with: JP, Ian & Sunshine (featuring Trevbot from Dead Air)

introducing: Flora (intern & IG extraordinaire)


Psychedelic Saturday

 Psychedelic Saturday is a music show which will showcase the stylings of psychedelic music and culture. Psychedelic Saturday is here to honor those weirdos.

with: Nic and Psyduck



The Post KGRG

All things Post-worthy.

The Block

KGRG FM's home for underground hip-hop with a northwest flair.  

with: J-Cypher & Jazzy Redd