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Alina Moss Interview

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
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Alina, the Editor-In-Chief of the Green River Current stops by and talk about the college newspaper and Journalism program here at Green River College. 

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Andrew Rivers and Cory Michaelis

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
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Comedians Andrew Rivers and Cory Michaelis stop by and try and get us fined by the FCC. Did they succeed? Also talk about humble beginnings that never end and of course PB&Js.

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Pablo Francisco Interview

The Buzz [phone interview]
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Pablo Francisco calls in to talk about his stop in Tacoma, and so much more.

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Kirby Krackle Interview

The Buzz & Mike After Dark 
[Skype interview]

The Buzz: Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr
Mike After Dark: Twitter | IG | Tumblr

Cork, Dave and Mike interview Kyle from Kirby Krackle about the origins of Nerd Rock, His inspirations, and of course PB&J

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HitchBAT is coming to Seattle!

Mike After Dark [phone interview]
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Chris, one of the creators of HitchBAT returns to Mike After Dark to discuss HB's upcoming mission to Seattle!

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Vocal Few Full Interview

The Post [skype interview]
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Matt MacDonald from The Classic Crime and his wife Kristie MacDonald talk about their project Vocal Few's latest release "Dream Alive" including their songwriting process, DIY crowdfunding, music videos and more!

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MC Lars Interview

The Buzz [on-site interview]
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Cork from The Buzz interviews MC Lars before he performed on Wednesday in Seattle. He talks about how he got into Nerdcore, his inspirations and more.

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Andrew W.K. Interview

The Buzz [phone interview]
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Cork and Dave from The Buzz interview Andrew W.K. about partying, time, partying, PB&J sandwiches, more partying, Spoopy, and of course PARTYING!!!.

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Trevbot interviews Sonny from P.O.D.

Trevbot [phone interview]

Trevor talks to Sonny Sandoval, the co-founder and lead vocalist of alternative metal band P.O.D. about the release of their latest studio abulm, The Awakening

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One Eyed Doll: The Trevbot Interview

Trevbot [phone interview]

Junior and Kimberley from Ausitn, TX band One Eyed Doll call in to talk about their Haloween Tour. Their darkly humored, intense, sometimes quirky and theatrical rock and roll captures the hearts of metal, rock, goth and punk all-ages audences night after night.

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Harpoon, The Whale interview

Trevbot & Stardog The Red 
[in-studio interview]

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Stardog The Red: Twitter | IG | FB

Indie rockers Harpoon, The Whale from Laramie, Wyoming drop by the KGRG-FM studio and talk to Trevbot and Stardog The Red about their Washington tour.

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Reach For The Sky with T2 & Trevbot

Trevbot & T2 [in-studio interview]
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T2: Twitter | FB | IG

The Trevors talk to local metal band, Reach For The Sky, about their debut EP: Stormageddon!

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Local actress Ahnika Hendrickson on The Buzz

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
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Up and coming actress (and Green River College student) Ahnika Hendrickson stops by to chat about breaking into acting, zombies and much more!

More Information about Ahnika: IMDB | Twitter | FB | IG

Waking Things Interview And Live Session

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
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The guys (and gal) from Waking Things join Cork for trivia, we talk to them about how they formed, PB&Js, and more, and they perform live in the KGRG studio

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He Whose Ox is Gored Interview Pt1

The Post [in-studio interview]
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Seattle band He Whose Ox is Gored featuring, Lisa, John and Brian swing by the KGRG studios prior to their concert at Tacoma's 733 and just before their new record, The Camel, The Lion, The Child released.

We danced, we did push ups and played cards.

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Seattle Radio Legend Bob Rivers On The Buzz

Green River College instrutor 
Bob Rivers returns to Seattle morning 
radio as a guest of The Buzz to talk
about life after retirement and a passion
that will make you buzz!

If want to take classes taught by Bob Rivers, sign up for Journalism 151 and Jou

HitchBAT Begins - The Mike After Dark Interview

Mike After Dark talks to Chris,
one of the creators of  HitchBAT about the origins 

and evolution of the HitchBAT project, 

beyond just a simple 
hitchhiking trip to philadelphia. 

Listen to Mike After Dark every Monday, 10-Midnight (PST) on KGRG-FM

Follow HitchBAT's adventures at

Burn Burn Burn! Drop by THE BUZZ!

Drew and Adam from Seattle's "heartfelt, genuine, Rainier beer-fueled, booty shakin' party punk rock" band Burn Burn Burn! visit The Buzz, Friday October 2.

Live Session: Pig Snout-Tar Trap

In anticipation of their show at the new all ages venue Real Art Tacoma, Lucien (10) Dahlia (8) and Justin (Dad) played in studio.

As seen with heavy bands Fall of Troy and To the Wind. FFO local and the next generation of music.

Cold Truth on The Buzz!

The first band interview for KGRG-FM's newest morning show, The Buzz. 

Featuring Avery from Cold Truth on the phone and Dead Air's
 Trevor joining in-studio to talk about the local hard core scene!

FINAL DAY: Sasquatch 2015

Keeping hip and cool at the Gorge

The final day for indie-rock, hip-hop and everything in between, felt heavy with the weight of the overcast clouds and anticipated climax of the four day music festival but was quickly uplifted with fast lyrics and a crunchy sound.


Saquatch 2015 Day 3

Sasquatch stays bright in the Gorge

Today's rock acts are bit heavier in George, WA harkening back to a sound that takes a modern twist on classic styles making the festival fammilliar and yet still brand-spanking-new.

Photos and more!

Saquatch 2015 Day 2

Hotter on the Black Top: Saturday at Sasquatch
Starting earlier means even more bands. Check out what bands we're covering as we update live from the Gorge in Quincy, WA. It's the second hottest day of the music festival, expect minor sunburn while reading.
Photos and more for SATURDAY!

Saquatch 2015 Day 1


When it comes to festivals it takes a decent amount of planning to figure out how you’re going to maximize your time. Luckily, with current staffers on The Post well-versed on long-hair-don’t-care-hippy-dippy-bands each week and we’re currently learning about efficient circuits we’ll be able to optimize your Sasquatch schedule.
Here’s our game plan with updates as we witness them. 


Cartel 10 years Chroma

Cartel took El Corazón on a 10 year trip

By: Corey aka. Cork 

Fending off a homeless woman after the show, Corey and Trevbot were singing along to "Say Anything (Else)" during Headliners Cartel as they kept the night at  El Corazon rocking  for their tenth anniversary of their Chroma Record. 

Future Hearts Tour

The Future <3's All Time Low

Pokemon cabs in original gameboy color red and blue and a Sold Out Showbox Sodo full of screaming fans for one of the most stacked KGRG line-ups all year. Fresh off of their number 2 claim to fame on billboard with their Future Hearts album, All Time Low affectionately teased the current state of Pop-punk in the Seattle crowd on May 7th. 


The Maine @ El Corazon

Nothing Sweeter than American Candy

Technicolors ripped a groovy set. The kids went nuts with Knuckle Puck's vocalist Joe, asked people to keep a foot away from the stage after a dude pulled a body slam  Dan from Real Friends bonked his head on a fan leaving him dazed on stage and for the rest of the night. And that's before we got to the headliners...

Check out JP's interview with Kyle from Real Friends and more....

From Indian Lakes @ Vera Project

'Absent Sounds' warm those present at Vera

By: JP

A wood pallet and bed sheets ensconced between bedsheets wouldn't seem like much of a 'dance in the woods' type feel, but From Indian Lakes first headlining tour, kicked off hard to the beat of a drum and clapping fans.

Videos, photos, and more

Bad Religion and Off at Showbox

For the old school punks 

By:Daily Dysfunction

Punk legends OFF! and Bad Relgion filled Seattle's Showbox Sodo with our morning show Daily Dysfunction (Wednesdays-Fridays 6-9AM) and Reverend G (Thursdays 3-7PM)

Photos and Video from Showbox Sodo

Bayside 15 Years Tour

Marriage proposal and the best 15th birthday

By: JP

They walked in to the Harry Potter theme, Senses Fail dropping posi-knowledge-knowledge-bombs and two of the spunkiest acts known to pop-punk, Bayside threw one helluvaparty at the Showbox. 

Check out the photos, videos and more

Motion City Soundtrack: Commit This to Memory

Tuesday February 17th, 2015 @ Showbox
Motion City Soundtrack
William Beckett, Brick + Mortar



Turnstile at Vera Project

Check out the videos of Turnstile in concert


Northern Shore All Ages Album Release

Photos and videos of Lo There Do I See My Brother @ Louie G's Pizza in Fife with The Bomb Shelter, To the Wind, Pig Snout and Moments. 

Read More

Trevbot's Concert Round Up

Somebody on twitter has been to a few shows. If you don't follow our twitter, here's what you might've missed. 

KGRG FM & Showbox Presents: Saves The Day & Say Anything

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Saves The Day's "Through Being Cool" and Say Anything's "Is A Real Boy" at Showbox in Seattle.


Joyce Manor

Caroline and I caught Joyce Manor tonight at The Vera Project. - Flora #grcc #music #band #verarproject #college #radio #collegeradio #kgrg #thepost #seattle #leatherjacket #joycemanor

KGRG FM and Showbox Presents: Circa Survive, Title Fight, Tera Melos

The leaked visuals on youtube matched their live performance with Anthony Green stealing the show orchestrating the crowd like some sort of sorcerer/magician rubbing a microphone and calling Seattlites "Crazy Ballerina Hippies". 


Stick to Your Guns, Trial, Being as an Ocean, Motion, Singled Out, To the Wind

Stick to Your Guns, Trial, Being As an Ocean, Motion, To The Wind, Singled Out at El Corazon

KGRG FM & Take Warning Presents: The World Is | The Hotelier

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
W/ The Hotelier, Rozwell Kid, Posture & The Grizzly, Dylan Yuste Sunday,
November 16, 2014
The Vera Project-Seattle, WA