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Mike And Micki After Dark Interview:

Marytree [phone interview]

Mike and Intern Amanda talk to James, Brandon, and David from grungemetal band Marytree about their music, influences, and more!


Mike And Micki After Dark interview:

Joe Chip and the Inertials [phone interview]

Mike and Micki talk to Joe Chip about how he creates his unique sound and his lo-fi garage punk band, Joe Chip and the Inertials.

Dichotomy Interview

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

The guys from Dichotomy stop by for a chat about their beginnings, their style of music and play us a couple songs. 

Death*Star Interview

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Death*Star Stops by for a chat about their genre, and Who do. Share, Subscribe, Like, and Enjoy!

More From Death*Star: TwitterFB | YouTube | Bandcamp

Rebecca Corry Interview

The Buzz [phone interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Comedian Rebecca Corry calls in to talk about comedy, her shows this weekend, and Stand Up For Pits.

More From Rebecca Corry: Twitter | FB 

Alina Moss Interview

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Alina, the Editor-In-Chief of the Green River Current stops by and talk about the college newspaper and Journalism program here at Green River College. 

More From The Green River Current: Twitter | FB 

Andrew Rivers and Cory Michaelis

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Comedians Andrew Rivers and Cory Michaelis stop by and try and get us fined by the FCC. Did they succeed? Also talk about humble beginnings that never end and of course PB&Js.

More From Andrew J. Rivers : Twitter | FB 
More From Cory MichaelisTwitter FB 


Pablo Francisco Interview

The Buzz [phone interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Pablo Francisco calls in to talk about his stop in Tacoma, and so much more.

More From Pablo Francisco: Twitter | FB 

Kirby Krackle Interview

The Buzz & Mike After Dark 
[Skype interview]

The Buzz: Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr
Mike After Dark: Twitter | IG | Tumblr

Cork, Dave and Mike interview Kyle from Kirby Krackle about the origins of Nerd Rock, His inspirations, and of course PB&J

More From Kirby KrackleTwitter | FB | Bandcamp | Patreon

HitchBAT is coming to Seattle!

Mike After Dark [phone interview]
Twitter | IG | Tumblr

Chris, one of the creators of HitchBAT returns to Mike After Dark to discuss HB's upcoming mission to Seattle!

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Vocal Few Full Interview

The Post [skype interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Matt MacDonald from The Classic Crime and his wife Kristie MacDonald talk about their project Vocal Few's latest release "Dream Alive" including their songwriting process, DIY crowdfunding, music videos and more!

More Vocal FewIG Twitter | FB | YT


MC Lars Interview

The Buzz [on-site interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Cork from The Buzz interviews MC Lars before he performed on Wednesday in Seattle. He talks about how he got into Nerdcore, his inspirations and more.

More From MC LarsTwitter | FB | Bandcamp 

Andrew W.K. Interview

The Buzz [phone interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Cork and Dave from The Buzz interview Andrew W.K. about partying, time, partying, PB&J sandwiches, more partying, Spoopy, and of course PARTYING!!!.

More From Andrew W.K.: Twitter | FB | IG 


Trevbot interviews Sonny from P.O.D.

Trevbot [phone interview]

Trevor talks to Sonny Sandoval, the co-founder and lead vocalist of alternative metal band P.O.D. about the release of their latest studio abulm, The Awakening

More P.O.DTwitter | FB | IG 

One Eyed Doll: The Trevbot Interview

Trevbot [phone interview]

Junior and Kimberley from Ausitn, TX band One Eyed Doll call in to talk about their Haloween Tour. Their darkly humored, intense, sometimes quirky and theatrical rock and roll captures the hearts of metal, rock, goth and punk all-ages audences night after night.

More One Eyed DollTwitter | FB | IG | Bandcamp | 

Harpoon, The Whale interview

Trevbot & Stardog The Red 
[in-studio interview]

Trevbot: Twitter 
Stardog The Red: Twitter | IG | FB

Indie rockers Harpoon, The Whale from Laramie, Wyoming drop by the KGRG-FM studio and talk to Trevbot and Stardog The Red about their Washington tour.

More Harpoon, The WhaleTwitter | FB | IG | Bandcamp 

Reach For The Sky with T2 & Trevbot

Trevbot & T2 [in-studio interview]
Trevbot: Twitter 
T2: Twitter | FB | IG

The Trevors talk to local metal band, Reach For The Sky, about their debut EP: Stormageddon!

More Reach For The Sky: FB | Twitter | Bandcamp 

Local actress Ahnika Hendrickson on The Buzz

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Up and coming actress (and Green River College student) Ahnika Hendrickson stops by to chat about breaking into acting, zombies and much more!

More Information about Ahnika: IMDB | Twitter | FB | IG

Waking Things Interview And Live Session

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

The guys (and gal) from Waking Things join Cork for trivia, we talk to them about how they formed, PB&Js, and more, and they perform live in the KGRG studio

More Waking Things: Twitter | FB | Bandcamp


He Whose Ox is Gored Interview Pt1

The Post [in-studio interview]
Twitter | Periscope | FB | IG | Tumblr

Seattle band He Whose Ox is Gored featuring, Lisa, John and Brian swing by the KGRG studios prior to their concert at Tacoma's 733 and just before their new record, The Camel, The Lion, The Child released.

We danced, we did push ups and played cards.

More He Whose Ox is Gored: IG | TwitterFB | Bandcamp