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The Maine @ El Corazon

Nothing Sweeter than American Candy

Technicolors ripped a groovy set. The kids went nuts with Knuckle Puck's vocalist Joe, asked people to keep a foot away from the stage after a dude pulled a body slam  Dan from Real Friends bonked his head on a fan leaving him dazed on stage and for the rest of the night. And that's before we got to the headliners...

Check out JP's interview with Kyle from Real Friends and more....

From Indian Lakes @ Vera Project

'Absent Sounds' warm those present at Vera

By: JP

A wood pallet and bed sheets ensconced between bedsheets wouldn't seem like much of a 'dance in the woods' type feel, but From Indian Lakes first headlining tour, kicked off hard to the beat of a drum and clapping fans.

Videos, photos, and more

Bad Religion and Off at Showbox

For the old school punks 

By:Daily Dysfunction

Punk legends OFF! and Bad Relgion filled Seattle's Showbox Sodo with our morning show Daily Dysfunction (Wednesdays-Fridays 6-9AM) and Reverend G (Thursdays 3-7PM)

Photos and Video from Showbox Sodo

Meet the DJ's


Mike Thrasher Presents

The Maine
Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, The Technicolors

Wednesday April 15 7:00PM @ El Corazón
All Ages | Bar W/ ID 
ADV $20 $25 DOS
Click Here For Tix

Dead Air Hardcore Radio and Words Run Presents

Safe and Sound (tour kickoff), No Future, Cold Truth, Surface, Crooked Cross

Friday April 17 7:00PM @ Glacier Room in LSC at Green River College
All Ages | $5 DOS

KGRG FM & Take Warning Presents

Tiger's Jaw
Lemuria, Somos

Friday April 17 7:00PM @ The Vera Project
All Ages  
ADV $13 $15 DOS
Click Here For Tix

Concert Reviews

Check out what we thought about shows we put on. 

The Ugly Organ Tour

While Ian was getting interviews and geeking out about the first two bands, our very own Slow Bird and Philly's Beach Slang 

RX Bandits

The hottest part of their show was the 21+ pit on the floor at Seattle’s Neumos, August 4.
(Read about it)



DA-3.20-Rotting Out PT 1

Trevbot interviewed Walter from Rotting Out after their March 18th Show at Vera Project

DA-3.20-Rotting Out PT 2

Trevbot interviewed Walter from Rotting Out after their show Tuesday March 18.

Part 2 of 3

DA-3.20-Rotting Out PT 3

Trevbot interviewed Walter from Rotting Out after their show Tuesday March 18 at Vera Project.

3 of 3

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Interview with Sean Bonnette of Andrew Jackson Jihad before their July 25, 2014 stop at El Corazon