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Mike Thrasher Presents

Falling In Reverse / Artreyu
With From Ashes to New, Assuming We Survivie
Monday, December 14th 7:00 @ Showbox SoDo
All Ages | Bar w/ ID
$25 ADV / $30 DOS
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Take Warning Presents

Pity Sex
With Colleen Green, Eskimeaux, Where My Bones Rest Easy
Monday, December 21st 7:00 @ El Corazon
All Ages | Bar w/ ID
$13 ADV / $15 DOS
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Showbox Presents

Never Shout Never
With Jule Vera and Waterparks
Monday, December 14th 7:30 @ The Showbox
All Ages | Bar w/ ID
$20 ADV / $22 DOS
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Later Gator! Grad Joins i Heart Media

Later Gator! Grad joins i Heart Media

Rob "Gator" Kendrick is about to take a bite out of Seattle's traffic as Total Traffic's newest on-air reporter.    


Newest Interviews

Alina Moss Interview

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Alina, the Editor-In-Chief of the Green River Current stops by and talk about the college newspaper and Journalism program here at Green River College. 

More From The Green River Current: Twitter FB 

Andrew Rivers and Cory Michaelis

The Buzz [in-studio interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Comedians Andrew Rivers and Cory Michaelis stop by and try and get us fined by the FCC. Did they succeed? Also talk about humble beginnings that never end and of course PB&Js.

More From Andrew J. Rivers : Twitter FB 
More From Cory MichaelisTwitter FB 


Pablo Francisco Interview

The Buzz [phone interview]
Twitter | FB | IG | Tumblr

Pablo Francisco calls in to talk about his stop in Tacoma, and so much more.

More From Pablo Francisco: Twitter | FB 

Living Room Sessions

Jennelle Christine & Rob Lanterman on KGRG-FM (Part 1 of 3)

T2 & Trevbot [in-studio interview]
Trevbot: Twitter 
T2: Twitter | FB | IG

The Trevors hang out with Idaho indie artists Jennelle Christine and Rob Lanterman. They discuss "OcTOURber" of the Pacific Northwest and what songs they listen to for inspiration. (Part one of three)

More Rob Lanterman: FB Twitter | Bandcamp | IG
More Jennelle Christine: FB Twitter | Bandcamp | IG


Peter the Great
He's grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-8
The Block