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To The Wind

Genre:  #Metalcore
Record Label: Pure Noise Records

Founded: 2008
  • Hometown: Seattle, WA
  • Active Members: Tanner Murphy, Ryan Murphy, Matt Farage, Tron Laur, Cory Lamb, Anthony "Tron" Laur
  • First Release: "Foundations" July 2010

Songs on KGRGFM:

  • "Downpour" 


Hailing from grey and rainy Seattle, WA To The Wind cut their teeth playing with a wide-variety of hardcore and metal bands on the east side and in the south end. They've spent the last few years touring relentlessly across the continent and signed with Pure Noise Records in 2012 for their first full length No More Than This, followed by their Empty Eyes LP in 2013.

Pairing melodic guitar work with undeniably heavy breakdowns and insightful and introspective lyrics, To The Wind have managed to blend these sounds without losing sight of their roots or sounding stale. 

For Fans Of: The Ghost Inside, Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Love Is Red



NEW Song Released: 


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