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What makes the cut for KGRG FM?
Not everything that comes into the music bin is ready for Today's Rock.
That's where the music department comes into play.
They ensure that everything that goes on air is relevant, recent, and what you love.
Band Song Album
Balance and Composure Back of Your Head The Things We Think We’re Missing
Letlive White America’s Beautiful Black Market The Blackest Beautiful
The Story So Far Empty Space What You Don’t See
Seahaven Phantom Family Silhouette 7”
Bayside Time Has Come Cult
Four Minute Mile Sunburnt Bridges/Streetlights
Defeater Bastards Letters Home
The Lawrence Arms Beautiful Things Metropole
Bayside Pigsty Cult
Beartooth Pick Your Poison Sick
Comeback Kid Should Know Better Die Knowing
Modern Baseball Fine, Great You’re Gonna Miss It All
Modern Baseball Rock Bottom You’re Gonna Miss It All
Neck Deep Losing Teeth Wishful Thinking
Rust Belt Lights Pack Up and Let Go Religion & My Ex
Rust Belt Lights Old Ghost Religion & My Ex
Rust Belt Lights Dead Letters Religion & My Ex
Koji Distance/Divide Crooked In My Mind
Lo There Do I See My Brother Beneath The Sea Of The Earth, Beneath The Sea

"Reflection" | Balance and Composure


 "The Hurry and the Harm" | City and Colour



"Landmines" | Stray from the Path




 "Younger" | Letlive



"If You Got It At Five, You Got It At Fifty" | Norma Jean 




"Drown Me Out" | Pitysex



"Sleep Alone" | Seahaven




"Ride" | Shore




"What I Can't Change" | The Story So Far





 "Melt Into You" | Supercrush



 "Hum" | Tigers Jaw



"Hypnotize"| Title Fight



"Downpour" |To the Wind



 "Just Exist" | Touche Amore



 "Attitudes & Opinions"| Honorable Mention



"Chasing a Ghost" | Koji



"You Are Here" | The Lawrence Arms



 "Hooligans" | Issues




"Stab" | Rotting Out



 "Lost"| Counterparts



Band | Song | Album

  • Balance and Composure - Reflection - The Things We Think We’re Missing
  • City and Colour - The Hurry and the Harm - The Hurry and the Harm
  • Stray From The Path - Landmines - Anonymous
  • Letlive - Younger - The Blackest Beautiful
  • Norma Jean - If You Got It At Five, You Got It At Fifty — Wrongdoers
  • Pity Sex - Drown Me Out - Feast of Love
  • Seahaven - Sleep Alone - Latin Skin
  • Shore - Ride - Little Deaths [Single]
  • The Story So Far - Things I Can’t Change - What You Don’t See
  • Supercrush - Melt Into You - Lifted
  • Tigers Jaw - Hum - Hum/Cool [Single]
  • Title Fight - Hypnotize - Spring Songs
  • To The Wind - Downpour - Empty Eyes
  • Touche Amore - Just Exist - Is Survived By
  • Honorable Mention - Attitudes & Opinions - Coalescence
  • Koji - Chasing A Ghost - Crooked In My Mind
  • The Lawrence Arms - You Are Here - Metropole
  • Issues - Hooligans - Hooligans [Single]
  • Rotting Out - Stab - The Wrong Way
  • Counterparts - Lost - The Difference Between Hell and Home
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Reflection by Balance and Composure
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